Marietta's First Choice for ESL Classes

Integrating into a community is made significantly easier when you're able to communicate effectively with the people around you. We've noticed that there are many people in our community who isolate themselves because they simply don't understand the words spoken to them. That's where we come in. Our team is passionate about improving lives in our community by improving language skills. Start spreading the word!

ESL Classes

To effectively learn any new skills, it's important to start with the basics. We will begin our classes with English fundamentals, including the alphabet, numbers, basic knowledge, and common phrases. Our focus is on useful phrases that help our students in their everyday lives. This includes words such as "bus" and "train".

The training program will involve approximately 18 classes and can be yours for a small tuition fee of $20. This competitive price even includes booklets and downloads to enhance your learning experience. We have an experienced group of instructors who are thrilled to start teaching. Our classes are due to begin in January 2019 at our founder's church.

Our founder has a great track record when it comes to ESL classes. The last time he taught English, 100% of his students stuck around for the full program and left speaking English with great improvement.

Girl Reading a Book

ESL Videos

Modern learners often prefer their lessons to come in the form of an audiovisual medium. We are thrilled to be offering educational ESL videos on our very own YouTube channel. Additionally, we will be taking care of the video prep and translation for our students. These videos will be available for our students to view before or after their in-person classes. Plus, our videos will feature interpreters to assist with comprehension. Check back frequently so you don't miss out on our video lessons. We're aiming to launch these educational videos in November 2018.